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Центра Малых планет

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Распределение малых планет, количество в зависимости от большой полуоси (вертикальные линии - большие полуоси планет и щели Кирквуда):

Список транснептуновых объектов

Альтернативная статистика Johnston's Archive, Last updated 8 July 2023.: * Note: "dwarf planet" is a new classification invented by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in August 2006. At that time the IAU declared Pluto a dwarf planet but not a planet, and also classified (136199) Eris and (1) Ceres as dwarf planets. In July 2008 (136472) Makemake was declared the fourth dwarf planet, and in September 2008 (136108) Haumea the fifth. Though the dwarf planet classification is still disputed, these five objects are not included here in the counts of asteroids and outer solar system objects, and Pluto is not included in the count of planets. At least one more outer solar system object, (225088) Gonggong, should be in this group, but since the IAU has not applied their definition in this case it is not counted here as a dwarf planet.
Counts are based primarily on data from: the Minor Planet Center web site; The Catalogue of Cometary Orbits 1999 (Marsden and Williams); The Catalogue of Cometary Orbits 2005 (Marsden and Williams); Cometography, Vol. I (Kronk, 1999); International Comet Quarterly web site; the National Space Science Data Center web site; the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory web site; and the web site for the Asteroid Orbital Elements Database (Bowell) on Lowell Observatory's web site.
* Note: Long-period comets with no official designation include: 2,674 SOHO comets, 87 STEREO comets, 2 other modern comets, and 449 pre-modern comets. The pre-modern comets typically have no computed orbits.

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Астероиды и кометы, измеренные при помощи радара

Asteroid radar research, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech.

1252 Radar-Detected Asteroids and Comets.

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